Perfect for those who prefer to train alone or struggle to commit to a regular schedule, this programme is available to all levels from beginner to those wishing to compete, athletes looking to take their training to the next level or those who simply feel a little lost in the gym and need direction.

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Open to Hyrox competitors and regular members, this programme combines both running & functional workout stations. Participants are coached in accordance with the HYROX principles of running 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, and repeating the process 8 times.



A bespoke 1:1 PT programme that enables clients to get the benefit of personal training three times a week. At each session, clients warm up independently, spend 20 mins with a coach and then finish off their workout on their own.

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Great for those who play sport and want to improve their overall fitness but also perfect for those who just want to keep active to help build healthy habits for life. The programme is designed for all abilities and is scaled to each young person’s physical development to ensure everyone gets a safe and effective workout. Sessions vary each week teaching and focus on the fundamentals of strength and conditioning in a fun and safe environment.

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